October 9th saw the introduction of a new Royal Decree for solar electricity installations here in Spain.  As a result of a huge increase in the number of enquiries Solar in Spain will be holding a seminar to explain how the new law can benefit householders looking to reduce their electricity bills. The Introduction to Solar energy seminar will be held at Javea Golf Club on 27th November. 
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Solmate Solar is a specialist renewable energy consultancy involved in the design, supply, installation and management of the world’s leading renewable energy systems. We are dedicated to promoting solar energy and we work with nothing else!

We provide a bespoke design service to clients in the hotel and medical sectors, architects, builders and developers throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Solmate can design, supply, install and manage a range of renewable energy systems that generate hot water for industrial and commercial use, solar electricity, space heating and heating for swimming pools that will drastically reduce your fuel bills by using free solar energy.

Solmate offers a range of biomass heating systems that can replace traditional gas and oil boilers. The financial savings are enormous as are the environmental benefits.

Create your own power station with solar panels that connect to the grid and protect yourself against future electricity price increases. It is the best investment available today!

If you are currently relying on generators for your energy make the switch to solar energy. You will be delighted with the results. Our energy systems are backed by guarantees of up to 25 years and we have a range of credit options including 100% interest-free finance.

Please contact us for more information. If you are based in Spain and are interested in solar energy then please visit our Solar in Spain website.

LATEST INTRO TO SOLAR ENERGY SEMINAR will take place on Thursday 9th April at 10am at The Inn On The Green in Javea.  A great opportunity to learn about the latest innovations in the industry and to learn about current legislation regarding renewable energy. For more info or to register:


1st April 2014 The latest round of EU renewable energy grants have just been awarded. There is great news for our customers. For more information click here.

Franchise Opportunities
With over 2,000 successful solar installations throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa Solmate has taken the decision to franchise its business model. For more information click here.